Monday, January 22, 2018

Advantages of LED Lighting: Part 2

led commercial light fixtures
As discussed in a previous blog post, there are many advantages of using LED lighting for your commercial needs. LED bulbs are conquering the lighting industry due to their optimal energy output and return on investment. Explore the list of advantages below to learn more about why you should incorporate LED bulbs into your business.

·         Durability
Compared to conventional lighting, such as fluorescent and halogen bulbs, LED lights are known to withstand harsher conditions due to their durable features. LED bulbs are not made of glass but instead created with soldered leads, making them a better choice for outdoor and indoor lighting.
·         No Heat
LED bulbs do not heat up like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, making them a safer choice for your buildings because they are less likely to cause accidental fires.
·         Long-Term Savings
Although LED bulbs are more expensive up front compared to conventional bulbs, they help property owners save money in the long term because of their longevity. LED bulbs can perform about 50 percent longer than regular bulbs, resulting in fewer replacements and long-term savings.
·         Color
LED bulbs are known to create a warm and inviting atmosphere due to their coloring, unlike fluorescent bulbs that produce blue and white light, which can be cold and harsh.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Advantages of LED Lighting: Part 1

commercial led light bulbs
At Eco Electric, we understand the importance of providing efficient lighting solutions for your budget and productivity. The days of fluorescent and halogen bulbs are quickly disappearing due to the innovative introduction of LED lighting. Below we discuss the many advantages of LED lighting.

·         Energy Efficient
LED lighting has become a fan favorite due to its energy efficient features. LED bulbs use almost 50 percent less energy than conventional bulbs, such as halogen and fluorescent, making them a natural choice for property owners. With reduced energy consumption, owners can see cost savings in their electricity and their maintenance plans.
·         Longer Life Span
LED bulbs are ideal for commercial outfits because they have a longer lifespan compared to conventional bulbs. The expected lifespan of a LED bulb is anywhere between 30,000-50,000 hours. These numbers trump standard incandescent bulbs, while their estimate lifespan is nearly 1,000 hours. A more extended lifespan will help property owners save money on replacement bulbs and lighting maintenance plans.
·         Instantaneously
LED lighting is unique compared to halogen and fluorescent bulbs because they provide instant maximum brightness the moment they are turned on.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Is Commercial LED Lighting Too Expensive?

commercial floodlights
Aether Energy LLC (dba Eco Electric) is a turnkey energy services company that deploys LED retrofit projects across the nation. Eco Electric wants to provide commercial building owners and operators with a realistic picture of the cost of LED lighting. When determining the return on investment (ROI) for a commercial project, it’s important to consider variables such as the local cost of energy, utility rebates, operating hours, local labor rates, the condition of existing fixtures, and other factors.

The cost of implementing an LED retrofit project should be viewed as a comparison between the upfront cost of the project/life cycle savings and the current value of energy consumption and maintenance with dated legacy fixtures. This comparison is referred to as the “Simple Payback”, which is the common and simple way to evaluate whether an LED retrofit project makes sense. However, the most significant economic benefit of LED that is often overlooked is increased property value.  

Between lower energy costs and the boost in property value, LED retrofits not only save money, they make money. Viewed holistically, LED installations are actually less expensive than keeping incandescent fixtures. If you are interested in finding out how our commercial LED lighting, such as our commercial floodlights, can help benefit your company, contact us today at 1(877) 757-7346.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Welcome to Eco Electric Blog

led commercial light fixtures
Welcome to Eco Electric Blog! We are proud to be an OEM manufacturer and wholesale distributor of LED products for the commercial industry. We serve many different markets, such as retail, multi-unit, industrial warehouses, and more, by offering them a wide variety of LED lighting solutions for their exterior and interior needs. Check below to learn more about the products that we offer.

Exterior Lighting Solutions:
·         Parking Lot Security Lighting- Ideal for retail centers, parking garages, and other commercial properties.
·         LED Shoe Box Lights- Perfect for athletic courts, playgrounds, parking lots, and more.
·         Glass Wall Sconces- Ideal for gardens, patios, and other outdoor spaces.

Interior Lighting Solutions:
·         Wall Sconces- Ideal for hotels, retail shops, and more.
·         Recessed Ceiling Lighting- Great for retail shops, hotels, and offices.
·         Surface Mount Ceiling Lighting- Suitable for damp locations such as hotel bathrooms.
·         Pendant Fixtures- We offer linear, shallow, decorative, and miniature pendants.
·         Track Lighting-We provide multi-head and mono-point track lighting fixtures.
·         Under Cabinet- Perfect for retail spaces to showcase their products.
·         Vanity Fixtures- Suitable for retail spaces such as makeup companies and hotel restrooms.
·         Cove Lighting- We offer linear and tape cove lighting solutions.

If you are interested in learning more about our LED commercial light fixtures, contact us today at 1(877) 757-7346.